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With metal tooth treatment, the harmony between jaw and teeth teeth is resolved by following a natural process. You will have the wonderful smile you miss without your mouth structure being damaged

Metal Braces

Metal braces treatment, which has been one of the most frequently used treatment methods in the field of orthodontics for years, eliminates many problems related to oral and dental health. Many ailments, from disorders of the structure of the tooth to incompatibility with other teeth, from incompatibility between the jaw and teeth to the wrong positioning of the neighboring teeth, are solved with metal orthodontics.

Oral care in young people is ignored, as is oral care in children. As a result, patients, regardless of whether they are children, teenagers or adults, have to apply for braces. With the braces treatment carried out meticulously by specialist dentists, the problems can be resolved in a few months.

What is Metal Braces?

Metal braces are used to refer to braces and brackets that are placed on the anterior or posterior surfaces of the teeth in order to eliminate the crowding and positioning problems outlined. Among these two alternatives, although braces attached to the anterior surfaces are more popular, a treatment called lingual can also be preferred if aesthetic concerns are pursued and it is deemed appropriate. In lingual orthodontics, braces and brackets are placed on the back surfaces of the teeth. While the braces placed on the front surfaces can be seen from the outside, the braces placed on the back surfaces cannot be noticed in any way. In addition, aesthetic braces applications using colorless brackets are among the options offered.


While metal braces treatment requires an average of eight months, this period can be extended. The duration of treatments lasting for a maximum of 30 months varies depending on the patient’s condition. Along with the number of problematic teeth, criteria such as the age of the patient, the structure of the mouth and jaw are effective on the duration. If the care recommended by the specialist dentists and the practices that need attention are not ignored, the process will proceed without any problems.


The patient who is fitted with metal braces should not interrupt their care. In addition to brushing three times a day, it is also recommended to brush after each meal. In addition, dental floss, interface brushes and similar supportive products are used to ensure successful results of the treatment.

What Is Metal Braces Good For?

It is important to intervene as early as possible in oral and dental health, as in all health-related issues. For this reason, it is recommended to wear braces in childhood or adolescence and to prevent problems in later ages. Oral health should be observed from infancy, but when these cares are not performed, it may be necessary to use metal braces from 14 years of age.


One of the benefits of metal braces is the position correction of misplaced teeth. So what is this mispositioning or position correction? The teeth are in a certain alignment and order. Due to lack of care, irregular nutrition, genetic factors, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, teeth may shift. If a tooth decays, its structure will change, and then the adjacent teeth will begin to bend. Since these bends in the teeth will increase over time, the positioning will shift completely. We can say that these positions are corrected with metal braces and the teeth are brought back into the ideal order.


Gaps may also appear between the teeth. While split teeth accelerate the formation of bacteria, it is also undesirable in appearance. Everyone wants to have a perfect smile, and the gaps in the teeth are considered the biggest obstacle to these smiles. It is also possible to get rid of gaps between teeth with braces treatment. The right doctor and the right treatment will give successful results.

What is the Difference Between Metal Braces and Other Braces?

Different treatment methods can be mentioned in the context of orthodontics. Different materials can be used for braces as well. However, if you look at your environment or the research realized, you can see that the most commonly used method is metal braces. The main reason for using metal braces is durability, but effective results also highlight these braces.


  • As it is known, metal is a very durable material. As a result, it has a long service life and a high impact. Since braces treatment is a long-term treatment model, it is expected that the material used will not cause any problems during this period. Metal braces successfully respond to this expectation.


  • In addition to durability, another important difference is cost. Although there are newer treatment methods such as clear dental plaques, the fact that metal braces are cheaper compared to others has become the reason for preference. Transparent plates are not yet common enough. The success of the current metal braces has been proven over the years. Therefore, metal braces are considered an economical solution.

Alternatives in Appearance

  • The biggest disadvantage of metal braces arises in appearance. Especially young individuals hesitate to use braces and are even embarrassed. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to express to the youth that these concerns are unfounded. Health is important, and if braces are not used, the appearance that will occur in later ages will definitely create a worse appearance than braces. In addition, different alternatives, such as aesthetic braces, affect the appearance quite a lot.

How Is Metal Braces Made?

If the patient who will be treated with metal braces is a child or young age, they should come with a parent or have a companion. It is recommended that patients should not be alone during any of the treatments.

  • After the first examination, if metal braces treatment is deemed appropriate, necessary information is given and all problems in the mouth, if any, are eliminated. Before the necessary procedures are completed, the braces phase cannot be started.
  • First of all, intraoral scans are performed and a special model is extracted. Developing technologies help to obtain maximum efficiency from this stage.
  • In the traditional method, brackets are placed on each tooth. A special adhesive is used during the placement phase. Afterwards, braces is passed between these brackets. In another method, a mold is prepared where the brackets are placed. Thus, the process becomes easier.

As it is thought, no pain is felt in the above-listed stages. It is a short-term procedure, a discomfort that does not reach the pain threshold may be felt. Of course, this is only possible if a specialist dentist is preferred. It is possible to encounter many unexpected complications when people who are not experts in their field are consulted. It is also important that the environment where the operation is performed is sterile. At this stage, you can visit our office before the treatment so that you do not have any question marks in your mind, and you can get answers to everything you want to ask or see.

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