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It has a more pleasant appearance, unlike metal braces, which prevents aesthetic anxiety. You can rest assured that your new smile will warm everyone's heart after the treatment.

Aesthetic Braces

Incorrect positioning of the teeth and related sequencing problems affect both oral health and psychology negatively. Positioning in the front or back, leaning to the right or left, and the formation of gaps between the teeth may require braces treatment. When it comes to braces, metal braces come to mind first, but most of the disadvantages can be eliminated with aesthetic braces application.

Not giving the necessary importance to oral care in infants causes problems in oral care in children and young people. Afterwards, solutions such as aesthetic braces treatment become mandatory. As in any orthodontic treatment, applying to specialist dentists in aesthetic braces treatment is the main key to obtaining successful results.

What is Aesthetic Braces?

Expressions such as “the general name of the methods used during braces treatments” can be used when defining aesthetic braces or aesthetic orthodontic applications. Since the main purpose here is to create an aesthetic appearance, besides functionality and efficiency, a beautiful appearance is also aimed. In addition to metal braces that prevent aesthetic anxiety, transparent plates or lingual braces can also be evaluated under the category of aesthetic braces.


The classic version of metal braces can create an aesthetic concern. Especially in children and young people, the external appearance can even preclude psychological health. For this reason, developments have been made in aesthetic braces applications, and the appearance is also provided aesthetically by using transparent or colored brackets. Sequential problems can be solved with metal braces, like all braces.


Metal braces are noticeable from the outside, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are. Being noticed also gets in the way of smiles. For this reason, lingual braces are activated and provide successful results without being seen. While metal braces are placed on the anterior surfaces of the teeth, lingual braces are placed on the posterior surfaces of the teeth. In this way, it is prevented from being noticed from outside.

What are Transparent Plates?

Developing technologies in aesthetic orthodontics have increased the use of transparent plates today. By using a transparent plate instead of metal braces, a treatment method that can be easily removed and attached and does not make any difference in appearance has been created. Transparent plates are placed on all teeth, as they are developed specifically for the person. It can be removed at any time, but the recommended time is to keep it in the mouth for at least 20 hours a day.


The duration of treatment for aesthetic braces varies from person to person. To be honest, it requires a bit of a long and troublesome process. Treatment that takes a few months can take up to two and a half years if care is neglected or the problems become large.


Sensitivity may be experienced, especially during the first two weeks following the insertion of the braces. In addition, hard foods are not expected to be consumed. It is also recommended for everyone not to consume acidic and sugary foods. As a matter of fact, braces treatment can be a confusing practice for people. Our advice would be to consider successful results. Not losing the aesthetic appearance and having a healthy and ideal mouth at the end of the process is a privilege that everyone would like.

What is the Difference Between Aesthetic Braces and Other Braces?

There are many differences between aesthetic braces and traditional braces treatments. As the name suggests, the main difference is in appearance. With tools such as transparent or colored brackets, colored elastics, transparent plates, lingual braces, the appearance is also made aesthetic during the treatment process.


  • Another difference of aesthetic braces from other braces is that they are economical. Compared to traditional treatment methods, the use of separate materials and the different treatment process lead to differences in the prices of aesthetic braces. As a result, the prices of aesthetic orthodontics will be higher. Clarity on price emerges after initial inspection. Detailed information about the price of aesthetic braces will be determined after the office visit, since the preliminary treatments will also have a price.

Can Aesthetic Braces Be Applied to Adults?

  • Aesthetic braces, which are associated with childhood or youth periods, can also be applied for adults. However, adults can have anxiety just like adolescents. Here, aesthetic braces come one step ahead because older people do not want to smile with metal braces. In other words, aesthetic braces create the ideal solution for adults as well. In other words, aesthetic braces create the ideal solution for adults as well. All the problems of adults in the past years are eliminated as a result of comprehensive orthodontic treatments. In other words, aesthetic braces are always one step ahead, regardless of whether they are children, young people or adults.

Use of Transparent Plate

  • In social and business life, image and self-confidence are seen as important. Especially in activities where interpersonal communication is intense, external appearance is given more importance. It is desirable to remove the unevennes in the teeth, but there is concern about the size and type of the braces. The point that distinguishes aesthetic braces from other applications is seen here as well. Transparent plates are especially preferred. Because the fact that it can be removed and put on at any time does not affect the socialization in work life.

When is Aesthetic Braces Applied?

Necessary care should be given from infancy. The care process, which starts with the eruption of the first tooth, should continue for life. However, as a result of negligence, problems in the teeth also begin to appear.

Brushing the teeth regularly, using dental floss and interface brushes, checking twice a year, and choosing supportive products such as mouthwash will provide the care that the teeth need. Unfortunately, many people do not show enough care. In addition, factors such as consuming acidic and sugary foods, smoking and drinking coffee and tea also cause problems in teeth. Besides the formation of caries, the emergence of problems in the alignment of the teeth is also observed. Incorrectly positioned teeth take things even further. It’s too late, but a solution is still sought. Orthodontic treatments should be preferred in order to optimize the tooth alignment and to reveal structural problems. If an aesthetic concern is also carried, by using aesthetic braces, psychological and vital comfort can be provided during the treatment period.

  • Considering mouth, jaw and tooth structures suitable for aesthetic braces treatment
  • High level of dental unevenness
  • Inadequacy of more compact treatments
  • Aesthetic concern

It is recommended to start orthodontic control applications as of the age of 6-7 years. In this way, it is aimed to solve the problems that exist or are expected to exist early. Every intervention made in line with this purpose helps to ensure perfect oral and dental health in later years. The recommended age for aesthetic braces treatments under the orthodontic field is expressed as at least 12 years. The important thing here is the initiative of the specialist dentists. As a result of the first examination and controls to be made, the aesthetic braces are deemed appropriate, and it will be sufficient to start the treatment. In summary, anyone who has these problems since the age of 12 can have aesthetic braces treatment.

The patient must be competent enough to meet the care needs required by the braces. Brushing the teeth alone is not enough, different care is also applied. All information that the patient will receive about these cares is given by dentists. Therefore, a great deal of work will fall on the parents of children patients.

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