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We all want to talk and laugh freely. When we laugh, we don’t want to worry about our physical appearance. Orthodontic problems deteriorate facial aesthetics and threaten oral health. It causes psychological problems as well as harming the physical appearance. Today, people of all ages can be treated and get a more aesthetic appearance. Some people may have concerns regarding orthodontic treatment. To list them, starting a costly treatment, how they will look during the treatment process… People may delay their treatment with thoughts such as the long duration of the treatment will reduce the quality of life. However, once the orthodontic treatment process has been passed, great gains such as a lifelong appearance satisfaction, healthy mouth structure and aesthetic smile are achieved.

  • Is it possible to solve orthodontic problems in a shorter period of time?
There is an alternative application for those who are concerned about the treatment process and who want to solve the orthodontic problem in a short time and achieve their aesthetic smile quickly: accelerated orthodontic treatment. Today, there are very good developments in orthodontic treatment, and technology brings new breaths and pleasing developments to the field of health. “Piezocision”, which I have prepared on my academic studies and applied safely in my clinic, is a scientifically proven application that shortens the orthodontic treatment period.
  • How is Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Applied?
This method involves minor surgical interventions to the gingiva under local anesthesia. This method includes minor surgical interventions on the gingivas under local anesthesia. It is done in a very short time, it has an application time of 10 minutes. Ultrasonic waves are applied to the gingivas of the patients with a number of vibrating devices. With this method, the duration of treatment can be reduced by 30-40%. The treatment, which will take 1 year, may decrease to 7-8 months.

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  • What should be paid attention to in the accelerated orthodontic treatment process?
Quick treatment does not always mean good treatment. Treatments ending too quickly may have some side effects. In order to avoid problems in the future, we take some precautions during the treatment to make the treatment permanent. People may consider these as a waste of time, however, at this point, our expectation is that people trust their physicians. Relying on orthodontists and seeing the operation of the process as reasonable. Piezocision cannot be applied to every patient, we want the intraoral bone structure to be in sufficient quantity and density before the application. To evaluate this, the best method is to take a chin tomography. In the evaluation of our patients, Piezocision is a method that can be applied safely and easily if the bone condition is appropriate. In other words, we do not want to send people saying that the teeth are aligned, the treatment is over. We want to implement sustainable treatment, not just a finalized treatment. Before removing the braces, we want to make this treatment more permanent with a number of procedures. For this reason, we expect individuals to consider it reasonable to extend the treatment for a few months in order to have a permanent and more beautiful smile for life. Those who want to have a faster orthodontic treatment process should definitely go with a doctor who is specialized in this field, as an examination to a good orthodontic specialist.
  • Why does orthodontic treatment take time?
Orthodontic treatment is not an application that ends with an examination followed by a check-up appointment. Orthodontics is a treatment method that needs time spread throughout the process. Just as a pregnant woman who is expecting a baby needs a certain time for delivery due to her biological and hormonal structure, orthodontic treatment also needs a certain amount of time depending on the past and present aspects such as the size of the disorders in the structure of the teeth and jaw, the source of the problem, the adaptation of the body to the treatment, the genetic heritage of the jaw and tooth structure, the effect of the past diseases and oral care. At this point, it is necessary to take a certain amount of time into consideration for a lifetime of relaxation and aesthetic appearance. Each individual’s orthodontic process differs according to his/her own problem. Although dental problems are very similar to each other, the underlying problem can be very different. In this case, the method applied by the orthodontist can radically change. Therefore, different treatment times may occur in individuals with very similar teeth. However, at the point reached today, 90% of the treatments are completed before two years. 50% of these are treatments that can be completed within 10 months. The treatment period of very few people with orthodontic problems exceeds two years, this happens in rare complicated cases. Accelerated orthodontic treatment is a very effective solution for busy people who have time problems in coming to the clinic, especially active in business life and do not want to undergo long orthodontic treatment processes.