Wireless Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plates

With 3D scanning, you can learn in advance how your teeth will look after treatment.

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For healthy teeth and free smiles, we apply orthodontic treatment to the placement disorders in the teeth and jaw structure.

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Redesign your smile. Refresh your self-confidence and smile healthily with orthodontic treatment.

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Get rid of the old ways. See your teeth immediately after treatment with 3D Digital Scanning

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Discover the technological possibilities available in only a few offices in Turkey, and decide what is best for your teeth.

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DR. Yasin Erdem Akgul - Orthodontic Specialist

“Dr. Yasin Erdem Akgül was born in Istanbul in 1986. He completed his primary and secondary education at Ataköy Primary School and his high school education at Dede Korkut Anatolian High School. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2010. Dr. Akgül, who started his education in Orthodontics at Selcuk University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics in 2011, continued his studies in the academic field after completing his doctorate education. He carried out his thesis studies on "accelerated orthodontic treatment". After 6 years of clinical experience, he focused on orthodontic treatments, especially with clear aligners.

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Get rid of monotonous treatment methods. Observe the most special treatment methods for your teeth, as well as modern treatments. Provide a healthy and aesthetic appearance to your smile.

Accelerated Treatment

Orthodontic problems disrupt facial aesthetics and threaten oral health.

Transparent Plates

Transparent plaques provide orthodontic treatment without any wires in the mouth.

Mouth and dental health

Oral and dental health is one of the most basic elements for quality of life.

Revolution in Orthodontic Treatment

Wire-free orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. Transparent aligners, best known as invisalign, is a reliable treatment method that has been used for nearly 20 years. It provides orthodontic treatment without any wires in the mouth.

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Today’s individuals pay more attention to their external appearance and health compared to the past and act more consciously in this regard. When it comes to external appearance and health, it comes to mind directly. Teeth, which are very important for both body health, assume the same importance in external appearance. Therefore, individuals go to dental office to maintain their physical health and to have an attractive and attractive face and have the treatments they desire. The most demanded of these treatments is transparent plaque treatment.

Old dental treatments are now out of circulation, and the dental world is getting its share of technology, opening its doors to new treatment opportunities every day. The transparent plaque treatment, which is in these treatments and is frequently in demand; It is a treatment applied to eliminate tooth and jaw disorders, some problems such as teeth grinding and to highlight tooth-jaw harmony. The most important and conspicuous reason for preferring clear aligner treatment is that clear aligners are not visible on the teeth. With the transparent plaque that cannot be noticed even during conversation, it is a perfect fit for many patients. Because many individuals suffer from the appearance of braces and seek ways to get rid of this situation. Transparent plaque treatment, which both provides the desired appearance and does this treatment without creating an ugly appearance, is applied by many dentists.

The most important feature of transparent plaque treatment; is not visible. However, another important feature is that it does not cause any pain or pain to the patient during the application and after the application. In addition to all these qualities, another noteworthy feature is that the other two watches can be removed, provided that they are worn for twenty-two hours. Thanks to this miraculous feature, it prevents the ordinary braces treatment that does not come out for months and makes a revolution in this regard. Patients are able to remove and insert plaques with only one hand and in a very practical way. As mentioned above, the three most important features of transparent plaques, which have many qualities, attract attention.