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What is Transparent Plate [Invisalign] ?

Transparent plate, most commonly known as invisalign, is a reliable treatment method that has been applied for nearly 20 years. It enables orthodontic treatment without any wires in the mouth. Owing to the plate layer covering the teeth, orthodontic interventions are made in the mouth. Transparent plate is a treatment device that can be easily removed and inserted, with its soft structure and easy to use, and with its completely transparent structure, it is a very aesthetic treatment tool.

  • How are Transparent Plates Getting Prepared?
The dentist takes measurements from the mouth. They transfer this information to the computer by means of three-dimensional scanning. The scenario of the movement of the teeth is obtained on the computer. The treatment route is determined according to these scenarios. The desired tooth molds are removed from the three-dimensional printer. A flexible transparent plate is applied on these molds. Appropriate plaque is prepared for each step for the path to be covered in the treatment stages. In this way, the plates to be used in the treatment are prepared.
  • How are Transparent Plates Used ?
Transparent plates are placed on the teeth, cover the teeth and move them in the desired direction as long as they are in the mouth. The use of the plate is only in the form of placing it in the mouth, removing it in activities such as eating, drinking, tooth brushing, flossing. In other words, the person can remove and insert the plate themselves. They use the record themselves as a part of their daily life.
  • When Does Treatment Start After Measurements Are Taken?
If we consider the time of entering the information into the computer after the measurements are taken and the preparation of the molds, the transparent plates are obtained after about two weeks. In other words, the plates are taken two weeks later and placed in the mouth and the treatment is started.
  • How Does the Treatment Process Proceed with Transparent Plates?
Unlike normal orthodontic treatment in transparent plates, brackets are produced by 3D printers for the person themselves. As long as the plates are in the mouth, they guide the teeth towards the desired movement. The plate is changed every 15 days, and at each change, that is, with each new plate, the teeth are advanced in a planned manner in the desired direction. During the treatment, the patients can easily remove the plates by themselves, it is quite simple, they use a plate for about 20 hours a day, about two weeks after using the plate, the plate of the next step is given to be used. They use this plate in the same way for two weeks, for 20 hours a day.
  • What is the Treatment Period in the Use of Invisalign?
Average duration of treatment, about 60% of problems resolve in eight to ten months. The remaining 40% can be completed with twelve to fourteen months of treatment. There are also rare cases lasting 16-18 months maximum.
  • What are the advantages of using Invisalign compared to Fixed Brackets?
The advantages of the plate over the braces are many. All movements made are primarily determined in 3D simulations. After that, the amount of undesired movement is very low, there is no risk, there was no finding that it causes less or more damage to the teeth compared to the braces, at this point, it is no different from braces. They are quite transparent, have an aesthetic appearance, and from the outside, it is not clear whether the user’s treatment continues, whether he is being treated or in which phase of the treatment he is. Since it is produced one-to-one for the patient, there is no problem. It does not interrupt social life, a person who uses a transparent record can easily continue his natural behaviors such as laughing and talking in public. The patient does not cover his mouth with his hand while speaking. While taking the picture, he does not smile so that his dental plates are not visible, he continues to live comfortably in the natural flow of life, he is in a treatment process, but his quality of life does not decrease. Since it can be taken out in meals, anything desired can be eaten easily, which is one of its biggest advantages over dental plates. The other big advantage is that cleaning is much easier. While it is difficult to clean the nutrients entering the teeth in the dental braces, the user can easily clean all their teeth, as the transparent plates can be removed. The biggest advantages of using plate are that it does not affect social life with its aesthetic appearance and that it can be removed, so that the desired food can be consumed and dental hygiene can be provided easily. When you come to the office during the treatment process, the plate changes are made in a short time. Since there will not be treatment applications such as braces adjustment, tightening, and change as in metal brackets, the time spent in the office is considerably less than braces. Transparent plate treatment is a process that can continue during travel. If the treatment allows, the patient can be given a few plates and the process can be given to him, the time to come to the office is reduced, if the treatment is appropriate, the patient can use the plates one after the other. Since the transparent plates are produced with computer technology, they do not apply unnecessary force to the unwanted areas, they apply as much force as necessary to the desired areas.

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  • What Are the Disadvantages of Invisalign Use?
When transparent record users put the plate on for the first time, there may be a slight increase in saliva secretion, and limp speech can be seen during the acclimatization process. We can also count it as a disadvantage that it is more costly than fixed brackets in terms of price.
  • What are the Differences Between the Use of Transparent Plaques and the Use of Braces?
In metal brackets, there are cases where the braces break and come out. In these cases, you go to the office and the dentist replaces the braces. In such possible scenarios, office visits are a must. The transparent plate user undergoes a more independent treatment process, not dependent on the dentist. He can travel, because he does not have to come to the office when he is sick or busy, he should write only control appointments in his agenda, other than that, he does not have to experience extra office visits. Again, due to the aesthetic nature of the treatment, Plate users are not interested in when the treatment will end. The question asked by patients who use metal brackets in almost every examination is when the braces will come off, whereas in invisalign technology, patients do not worry about the treatment time. Another disadvantage is that when the braces are broken, they can injure the gingiva, there is stinging or wounding due to metal devices or braces in the mouth, physician intervention is often required, such cases are not seen in plates, the situation that needs intervention is very rare, it does not disturb the teeth and gums. Compared to the treatment applied with brackets, it offers a more comfortable use and a painless treatment process without injury. It is a more painless process than treatment with metal brackets.

Would You Recommend Transparent Plaques Compared to Braces Treatments?

I carry out my orthodontic treatment interventions with 80% transparent plates. This is in demand from patients and my patients are satisfied with it. With this reason, This is my first choice, digital technologies are quickly integrated into dentistry, there is no point in staying away from this, perfect three-dimensional analyzes are realized, I believe that this is really necessary and useful to apply.

There is no question of patients comparing themselves with braces. As a matter of fact, while the plate users that we observed in our office are receiving their treatment, we see that the people around them are not aware of the treatment. Since the plate is changed every two weeks, there is no odor or any aspect to bother.

They are able to maintain this easy-to-use treatment in an aesthetic and hygienic way. They can remove the plates in their very important meetings, they can use their rights to remove them for a few hours a day on special occasions.

We see that people who receive orthodontic treatment do not smile in their pictures and social media accounts until the end of the treatment. With this aspect, it is a treatment method that does not interrupt social life. According to the records, ten million people around the world have been treated with transparent plates and the results are very positive.

Transparent plates are an easy, aesthetic and healthy method that moves the teeth to their ideal position. That’s why I generally use transparent plates in my treatment practices.

It can be easily used in all age groups. There is no age limit for Invisalign use. Children, teenagers and adults can use transparent plates. It is important to use the plate regularly in cooperation with the physician.

Collaboration with the physician should be made while using the transparent plate, and the plate should be used regularly and kept in the mouth. Due to the flexible nature of the plate, excessively hot beverages should not be consumed. The plate may lose its form by flexing due to heat.

Before starting the treatment, there should be a dental examination and the necessary filling process, dental calculus cleaning, caries should be cleaned, and oral care should be done. After starting the treatment, such procedures are not performed. However, prosthetic procedures such as implants are left to post-treatment.

Excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes can cause yellowing of plates. However, since the plates are replaced after 15 days, no effort is required to correct the color. However, in fixed orthodontic treatment, there may be cases where you need to clean your teeth in sessions by paying a fee.

Previously, Invisalign was a more expensive treatment method. Only one company was doing this job, it was more expensive, today the prices are more affordable and it has an affordable level. Still, it is more costly than braces, but there is not much difference.